The reporting of Department of Administrative municipality in Lodz with January 1949 (the Archive of the government in Lodz, the briefcase of No. the arch. 41/3) record about this is, that the "Zubr" Circle of Rational Hunting in Lodz was registered in day 24 November 1948 under No. reg. 159.
Near it was to act on terrain of city of Lodz and province Lodzkie.
As aims one's the working the founder members of the Circle recognise the propagating the principles of hunting economy, the warnings of correct ways of hunting as well as fighting poaching.
In moment registering, near it mattered 63 members, and Polish No. fact of his registration was announced in 1951 in Monitor the b-54.
Members' considerable number and they stood the joining with her necessity of organization in large groups huntings, the most probably the cause of later division of the Circle.
The number of members - did not become the founders to this time found unfortunately and possibility of her reproducing on basis of oral reports does not exist also, so former as and the present members of the Circle.